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Premier supplier of PET recycled products in the circular economy.

Premier supplier of PET recycled products in the circular economy


About ARC Polymers Inc


ARC Polymers Inc will be a leading Global Supplier of high quality PET recycled products.

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Provide Customers with solutions based on recycled products.

Offer Customers the Best selection of quality recycled products, service and value.

Increase Global awareness of Plastics Recycling and the Environment.

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Earn the TRUST and LOYALTY of our Customers and Suppliers.

Provide OBJECTIVE and FACTUAL market information to allow Customers and Suppliers to make better informed decisions.

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We conduct business in accordance with the following values:

• Respect
• Integrity
• Quality products
• Quality service
• Trust
• 100% accountability



We supply the following products:

  • PET:
    Our trusted global network of qualified suppliers generate over 20 million pounds per month of PET recycled products.
  • Post-consumer PET bottle flakes:
    Soda and water bottles used by the consumer, sorted, shredded, hot washed and decontaminated.
  • Post-Industrial PET bottle preform regrinds:
    Bottle preform production rejects with no contamination, shredded.
  • Post-Industrial PET sheet regrinds:
    Sheet production rejects with no contamination, shredded.
  • Post-Consumer PET bottles baled:
    Soda and water bottles used by the consumer, sorted with contamination.
  • RPET:
    FDA approved PET resin compounded from post-consumer bottle flakes.


  • Post-consumer bottle caps regrinds:
    Caps from soda and water bottles shredded, hot washed and decontaminated
  • Post-consumer and Post-indutrial PP and HDPE regrinds:
    Bottles and containers sorted from PET bales, shredded, hot washed and decontaminated.



  • All our products are tested by an independent third party using state of the art infrared technology to determine the presence of 35 possible contaminants.



  • ARC Polymers Inc provides a full range of cost effective PET recycled products to meet our Customers present and future Sustainability goals.

    ARC Polymers is committed to making a positive environmental impact in the circular economy.


PET is short for Polyethylene Terephthalate, the chemical name for Polyester.

PET is completely recyclable, and is the most recycled plastic in the world and is growing its market share compared to other polymers; such as PS (Polystyrene) and PVC.

PET is widely used for packaged foods and beverages. It is also popular for packaging a wide range of consumer and industrial products. It is becoming the world’s preferred packaging material. In addition, it is used for fibrefill for clothing, construction material and protective packaging.


There is a global revolution in plastics recycling. The initiatives in Europe are unprecedented and is carrying over to North America. The EU adopted new directives requiring single-use plastics products to incorporate 25 to 50% recycled content.

Large Brand owners have made long-term SUSTAINABILITY commitments to reduce the environmental footprint of plastics used globally. They are requiring their suppliers to use more recycled materials in products. This is leading to an increase for recycled PET.

The North American collection rates are too low to meet projected demand. There’s not enough collected to fill all the needs. Consequently, the growing demand will require more and more imported materials.

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